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Logging into SolusVM Master for the first time, you should use the link suggested when the installation is completed:

Installation Complete. Full install log: /tmp/install.log

SolusVM UI Login Information:
Admin Area Standard Port (SSL) .... :
Admin Area Custom Port (SSL) ...... :
Client Area Standard Port (SSL) ... :
Client Area Custom Port (SSL) ..... :
Admin Username ...... : vpsadmin
Admin Password ...... : vpsadmin

It is advised that you change the default admin password on your first login

Admin Area is located at https://IP/admincp or https://IP:5656/admincp. IP should be replaced with actual IP address of the master server, like in the example above

Default credentials are:

  • Username: vpsadmin
  • Password: vpsadmin

Once inside, paste the license key.

Warning: change the password right after the first logging in via Configuration > Administrators > Edit Admin.

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