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The following should be done to migrate OpenVZ 6 container between OpenVZ 6 nodes using vzdump:

  1. Connect to the source server over SSH.
  2. Create an archive of the container:

    # vzdump --compress --dumpdir /home/ VMID

    VMID of VPS can be found in SolusVM > Virtual Servers.

  3.  Transfer the file to the target server, for example:

    #  scp -C /home/vzdump-VMID.tgz [email protected]:/home/
  4. Restore the archive:

    # vzdump --restore /home/vzdump-VMID.tgz VMID
  5. Stop VPS on the source server:

    # vzctl stop VMID

    and start it on the target server to verify that the container is operational:

    # vzctl start VMID
  6. Connect to Master node over SSH.
  7. Update Master node database with the new location of VPS

    # /scripts/vm-migrate ID NEWNODEID

    where ID - ID of the migrated VPS, can be seen in column ID in SolusVM > Virtual Servers; NEWNODEID - ID of the target node, can be seen in SolusVM > Nodes.
    For example:

    # /scripts/vm-migrate 20 5
  8. After the migrated container was tested - remove VPS on the source server:

    # vzctl destroy VMID
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