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In WHMCS select Setup > Products/Services (Possibly > Products/Services Again depending on WHMCS Version)

  1. Click Create a New Product and fill in the form as illustrated at the image below:

2. Click Continue.

3. Fill in all your product details. After that click on Module Setting and select Solusvm from the dropdown menu.

4. Once the module has loaded you will be presented with options as illustrated at the image below:


When there isn't listed anything in the select boxes, select the virtualization type and click on the save button. After that you will see the select boxes filled.


5. Select the master server you created in Adding a Master to WHMCS. Click Save Changes to load all the templates, plans and servers directly from the SolusVM master.

6. Once the page has reloaded you can set all the options you need for this product.

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