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Try our new Installer with CentOS 7 support here

  1. In SSH as root do the following:


    You will be presented with the following menu:

  2. Press Enter when you have read the information.

    You will  be presented with the next menu:

  3. Choose the base operating system installed on the dedicated server.

    On the next screen you have the option to choose the version of SolusVM you want to install.

  4. Select your option and press Enter.

    Next you have the option to choose a file mirror.

  5. Select the nearest mirror to your server and presss Enter.

    The final screen will display all the install type options.

    If you need to install a master that 'won't' host any virtual servers, select option 1 (recommended).

    If you need to install a master that 'will' host virtual servers, select option 2.

  6. After selecting your option you will get a warning that the installer will remove MySQL and any databases associated with it. Press Enter to continue.

  7. The install will now do it's work.You will get next output (output text may vary):

  8. Once the installer is complete you will be presented with the GUI login info and any further instructions for your install type.
  9. Make sure to disable SELinux.

  10. Once installed go to http://myipaddress:5353/admincp/ and login using (uname) vpsadmin (pword) vpsadmin.

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