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To install SolusVM with Xen support the following steps are required:
  1. Follow our guide to installing SolusVM here selecting option 2 and then option 2 again to install a Slave with Xen support.
  2. After the installation, follow the instructions given to boot in to the new Xen kernel and set up the SolusVM kernel links and ramdisk.
  3. Log in to your SolusVM Master, add the node selecting 'Xen' as your server type then complete all the relevant server information. At the bottom of the form you need to specify the LVM partition name. For example, we used “LVM” above so you can enter 'lvm' instead of '/dev/lvm' - you do not need to specify the full path.

After you complete the form and submit, SolusVM connects to the server and checks if the LVM exists so make sure you have these details entered correctly.

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