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  1. Connect to the master server via SSH
  2. Create the additional configuration file in /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/services/ directory:

    Code Block
    # touch /usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/services/blockip.conf

  3. Set up list of allowed/denied IP addresses, here is an example:

    Code Block
    allow 2001:0db8::/32;
    deny all; 

    Check for more information on Nginx documentation portal

  4. (Optional) In case of the WHMCS module or otherwise accessing SolusVM graphs via API /graphs directory should be excluded from IP restriction. Open the file `/usr/local/svmstack/nginx/conf/services/custom/legacy-master-after-php-location-443.conf` and add the following:

    Code Block
    location /graphs{
    allow all;

  5. Restart the service to apply the changes:

    Code Block
    # systemctl restart svmstack-nginx.service


    Code Block
    # /etc/init.d/svmstack-nginx restart