1. Connect to SolusVM Master server over SSH.
  2. Install the required packages:

    # yum install libgcc libgcc zlib zlib svmstack-nginx svmstack-nginx-serial-console-config svmstack-ssh-websocket net-tools

    If installation fails due to non-existing svmstack-* packages, install SolusVM repository:

    Enterprise Linux 6 (CentOS 6, Scientific Linux 6, RedHat 6)


    # rpm -ihv http://repo.solusvm.com/php7/centos/6/os/x86_64/solusvm-release-6-6.noarch.rpm

    Enterprise Linux 7 (CentOS 7, Scientific Linux 7, RedHat 7)


    # rpm -ihv http://repo.solusvm.com/php7/centos/7/os/x86_64/solusvm-release-7-6.noarch.rpm

    And then install the packages.